You Can’t Out Work a Poor Diet

Steph Rogers1 year agoJoin Us

Can I be honest? ⁣⠀
Working out every day is only a SMALL part of the battle. I’m sure you’ve heard it, but it’s one of the most real things I’ve ever learned. ⁣⠀
“You can’t out-exercise poor nutritional choices” ⁣⠀
Guess what I’ve been making? ⁣⠀
Poor nutritional choices ⁣⠀
(yea, coaches struggle sometimes too) ⁣⠀
I’ve worked out every single day, and yah know what? My jeans are tighter and the scale and the measuring tape haven’t budged. ⁣⠀
Yesterday I finally committed to implementing the nutrition course I’ve been getting certified in, and ⁣⠀
• I’m looking for TEN ladies (or men!) to come do it with me • ⁣⠀
You can do this as a stand-alone nutrition program, or incorporate workouts with it— totally up to you and your goals. ⁣⠀
All I ask is that if you come do this with us you commit to following the program as written, and being ALL IN for a full 30 days. ⁣You get so many yummy foods, just like this meatloaf I prepped for lunches this week! #comfortfood ?
Comment below or fill out an application here if you are ready for a nutritional overhaul!!! ⁣⠀

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