What If…

Steph Rogers3 years agoJoin UsTransformation

What if I hadn’t said YES? ⁣

I cringe to think that I would be in the same dark spot, battling an ugly mix of anxiety and depression, and feeling like I couldn’t claw my way out no matter what I did. ⁣

Do you know that right before we left Hawaii we were away at a retreat and I had a nightmare in the middle of the night about Parker falling off of the balcony of the hotel. ⁣

I woke up experiencing the WORST anxiety attack I had ever had. Literally running every scenario in my mind even though it was “just a dream”. Silently sobbing while my family slept next to me, 100% unable to talk myself down. ⁣

I never wanted to experience that again. It was debilitating. Like I couldn’t control my own thoughts. And it was terrifying. ⁣

I can say that since we arrived in MO, I’ve only had ONE full blown anxiety attack, and I directly relate that change to cleaning up my nutrition and adding exercise into my every day routine— no matter what. ⁣

So if you’ve been on the fence, know that this journey isn’t only about a number on the scale or inside your jeans— it’s a total transformation journey and can be so beneficial to our health in so many ways. ⁣

Let me know if you’re interested in checking out our Virtual Gym by filling out THIS FORM so I can get in touch with you and chat more about your goals!

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