What if you fly?!

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What if you fall? No, love, ⁣


So something happened this week that I’ve been willing the Universe to allow to happen for MONTHS. ⁣

And then when it happened, I froze. I second guessed whether or not to do it. How would it work logistically? Etc, etc, etc. ⁣

I let every excuse that would keep me in the familiar, safe box of a comfort zone come up. ⁣

And then? ⁣

I heard the whispers getting loud in the back of all the BS noise in my head, and they said, “you worked for this, you ASKED for this, JUST DO IT”. ⁣

So even though it made my palms a little sweaty and my heart race a bit, I did it. With no clue HOW it will happen, but a strong belief that it WILL happen. And now that I leapt, I get to build the wings to support decision on the way down! ⁣

THAT steadfast belief in myself isn’t something that I always had, or even something that I always have, but this “little” health and fitness business has taught me that belief in yourself is the key to all the rest. ⁣

Work on YOURself before you can help others work on themselves. ⁣
Belief in YOURself before you can help others believe in themselves. ⁣
Walk the walk. Be the proof. Show up and fill your cup so it overflows into GIVING to others. ⁣

It makes me realize that that “little” business that fell into my lap is a whole hell of a lot bigger than I ever dreamed, but now that dream is cracked wide open and I’m allowing the light to pour into every single crack and crevice it can find. ⁣

This is me. This is my legacy. This is my future. ⁣

So., I’ve gotta ask; “who’s comin’ with me, man?” ⁣
⁣^bc let’s face it I can’t ever keep things serious ?

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