The Title I Never Planned to Have

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Not planned in any way, but I’m not taking my new title lightly! ⁣

I did alpha round of T25 once, and I loved Shaun T’s energy, but never get “connected” to him. ⁣

When Transform 20 rolled out, I decided to do it because it looked fun and it was a new challenge. I got great results, and I also fell completely in love with Shaun. ⁣

The motivation, the way he helps you push through mental blocks, the way he changes not just your body, but allows you to CONQUER YOUR MIND and get out of your own way.⁣

So when the opportunity was announced to become a Transform LIVE instructor, and be trained by Shaun and Chip themselves at this year’s annual conference, I JUMPED. ⁣

I had no clue what I was going to do with it, I have never taught a class in my life, but I knew this platform needed to be brought to more people. ⁣

So when I hugged Shaun and told him I had been in the cert, he told me, “now I need you to go out there and do it.” ⁣

And I knew I couldn’t just sit on this Certification as an instructor. ⁣

So I’m practicing my tail-end off and I’m equal parts excited and terrified to teach my first demo class—but it’s going down! ⁣

Virtual Classes coming soon! Check out BeachbodyLive.com and search Stephanie Rogers to view a full list of classes available!

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