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Back in March we moved from Hawaii to Missouri (ARMY LIFE!), and we ended up with a house that was bigger than what we actually had enough furniture to fill. I know, I know–first world problems, right?

So for the last 4 months this giant room (below!) has been sitting empty, while I tried to decide what I wanted to do with it. The original plan was to turn it into a formal dining room when my mom brought me down my Great Grandmother’s dining room table later this month, but then I was left with the dilemma of what to do with our kitchen table, since the two rooms are right next to one another with an open wall concept. It seemed like such a waste of space, but I really didn’t want to invest in any more furniture or “things” to fill it just because it needed filled, ya know?

On Monday, Nate and I just started this awesome new workout program together. I’ve had our workout area set up in the laundry room, which was way too small for the two of us, and I was finding myself feeling super cramped for space and frustrated that we can’t do the workouts together. This teeny space, where I was smashed between a counter top and my dryer was definitely NOT going to cut it. It was starting to feel super cluttered, and I was 100% over it.

Then the IDEA FAIRY popped into my head!!!

My original plan of turning this area into a formal dining room suddenly seemed silly. We aren’t a family that would use a “formal dining room” more than a couple of times a year. We are super laid back and even have informal meals when we have company. I decided I’d rather have something FUNCTIONAL in my home than something that’s strictly for “appeal” or “because I should have it”. Bleck–that’s so not me.

So while we may not use a formal dining area every day, I sure as heck will use a bigger workout space It’s legitimately part of my JOB to workout every day, so why on earth was I not utilizing this huge space to maximize my daily workouts?!

So welcome to my new workout room. I’ll be investing in a small TV stand and putting a smart TV (thanks mom!) in here to stream my daily workouts and actually be able to MOVE or finish a workout in the same room at the same time as my hubby.

The plan is to remove those wall hangings and install some mirrors along the large wall so we have a place to check form cues and also invest in a larger protective floor mat for the space. If you’ve ever tried working out on a hard wood floor that’s been polyurethaned you’ll understand (I actually fell attempting to work out on this floor after we first moved in haha).

So heads up to my visitors–if you didn’t know I workout every day, you’ll be welcomed into my new space as soon as you walk into our house, but let’s all give a big cheers to functionality and a space that I’ll use and love over “what’s expected” when we walk into someone’s house for the first time!

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