The Jeans

Steph Rogers2 years agoTransformation

Still trying to figure out how I squeezed my ass into these jeans that year for Christmas pix. ⁣⁣
I remember the package coming in the mail, having ordered my “regular size” and putting them on the day of pictures to find they barely fit. ⁣⁣
I returned the top that I had originally bought because it wasn’t flowing enough to hide the fact that my jeans were so tight that my stomach was literally rolling over the sides. ⁣⁣
So I sucked it in tight, put the kids in front of me when I could, and then ripped those suckers off as soon as we were done. ⁣⁣
That was my Wakeup call. I knew in that moment that I had let things get out of hand and I never wanted to feel like that again. ⁣⁣
So today when I put those jeans on they fit, but I can see where the seams were stretched out from trying to force myself into a size that no one but me would ever even see; but it’s such a great reminder of how far I’ve come! ⁣⁣
I’m looking for 10 ladies to go all in. To stop hiding behind their kids in their family photos. To stop forcing themselves into those uncomfortable jeans. To DO THIS TOGETHER. ⁣⁣
Email me at coachstephrogers@gmail.com or fill out THIS APPLICATION to be considered for our next group! ⁣

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