That Was Unexpected!

Steph Rogers3 years agoJoin Us

“Well, that was unexpected.”⁣

^^ Me to myself when I think about how I became a virtual wellness coach. ⁣

I’m the girl that used FB as a “diary”. ⁣
I seriously look at some of my posts from 6. 7, 8+ years ago and cringe. ⁣

I’m the girl that said NO NO NO NO NO (and maybe a few more no’s) to even starting a home fitness regime let alone leading others. ⁣

I’m the girl that said “I’ll never drink that shake” (let’s laugh now).⁣

I’m the girl that said, “I’m a mom, I don’t have time for that”.⁣

So how is it, that TODAY, I’m the girl leading others away from those excuses and into a passion, who like her, they didn’t even know they had? ⁣

Because I’m the girl who doesn’t give up when things get hard. Who would literally do this job even if I didn’t make a single cent from it. Who LOVES helping others chase their light. Who can’t and won’t stop or turn back. ⁣

I’m looking for 5 women who want to change their script. ⁣

Who don’t want to toe dip—bit want to RUN alongside me in fitness, in business, in motherhood, and in life. ⁣

I’ll be mentoring you the whole way. But you’ve gotta be ready to match my efforts, have faith, and LEAP. ⁣

You in? Because this could literally change the entire way you see and live your life!⁣

Request to join my next Coach Sneak Peek here! We start May 27, and I want you in!

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