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Steph Rogers3 years agoCoaching

>>I might not remember what we were laughing about, but I remember how we felt<<

When I was first asked about being a coach, my immediate response was something along the lines of, “No, I want to work on my results first and then I’ll think about it”.

The thing is, my confidence was shot. I had every fear and shitty voice in my head telling me no one would want to work with an overweight and unhappy coach. My inner mean girl came right out to stop me, and I let her stay….at least for a while.

Three weeks later I was seeing real, actual results, and I jumped on FB, messaged my friend and was like, “I really want to try the shakes, and sign me up for that coach discount thing too”.

It started as covering the cost of the product I wanted to use
Then it became not putting groceries on a credit card
Next it became having a little extra fun money
Eventually it became connecting with a community of people I could REALLY call friends.
NOW, most of all, it gets to become about YOU.

Helping YOU reach your health goals.
Helping YOU imagine more for yourself
Helping YOU see that you can have this if you want it.

Now, I want to mentor you.

You don’t have to be at your “goal weight” or have a massive social media following.
Just be willing to show up consistently and dream big alongside me!

Coach mentorship enrollment is now OPEN.
Can I save a seat for YOU?! Fill out the form below, so I can contact you to get started.

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