Boxing has arrived on Beachbody on Demand with Super Trainer, Joel Freeman!

3 years agoJoin Us

Ya’ll, I’m officially halfway through my new boxing training program, and I’m digging it! ⁣⁣I love that it’s testing my agility, endurance, and coordination while really working on core strength and trimming my waist! ⁣I also really thought that a boxing program would be heavy on upper body work, but the trainer, Joel Freeman, has […]

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“I believe you have Hashimoto’s Thyroid”

4 years agoAutoimmune

Not really the words that I was expecting to hear from my doctor last week. But also, considering my family autoimmune history, not surprising. I have to go for an ultrasound of my thyroid to rule out any nodules before my “official” diagnosis, but as of now my thyroid antibodies both tested as elevated which […]

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