In The Beginning

In December of 2014 I started my first home-workout routine after gaining 65 pounds during my pregnancy with my Little Dude. I had struggled with weight for much of my adult life, and had tried every quick fix in the book.

While I went in without much hope, I quickly found that what I had just begun was something much bigger, much different, and absolutely life changing.

I lost, and more importantly, kept off more than 25 pounds, found my confidence for the first time, and became passionate about long-term healthy lifestyles over quick fixes and fad diets.

Now I have the gift of sharing sustainable healthy living with other moms, while growing a business that lets me be home to raise my kiddos and travel the world with my Army husband!

We’re in this together; you and me. So how can I serve you today?

All About Life

Steph grew up in a small, arts-filled town in Western New York and found her dream job working for a non- profit music and arts organization when she was twenty. She married her college sweetheart, Nate, in 2009 and they welcomed their first daughter in 2012. Shortly after, Nate joined the Army, and their new family was uprooted and has been on the move ever since. In 2014 they welcomed their son. While Steph was able to continue working remotely, she felt like something was missing.

Insert a new interest in fitness that turned into a passion; that has since grown into a thriving health and fitness business!

This passion allowed her to connect with women from all across the country, while maintaining the busy life of mom and Army wife, and finding a small piece of life that she can call her own.

Steph is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Transform LIVE Instructor, Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach, and a 2B Mindset Mentor.

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