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#mbf Muscle Burns Fat and #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced are two three-week programs created by Beachbody Super Trainer, Megan Davies, that incorporate strength training and cardio to help you build muscle and burn fat, with full-body workouts that are set to the beat of the music.

With simple moves you’ll learn quickly, you can let the tempo set your pace and drive your intensity for a total-body burn that will get you sweaty and spent.

“I created both programs to be done back-to-back,” Megan explains. “Ideally, you’ll start on a Monday, and commit to finishing 21 workouts. Crush the first three weeks, and you can move on to #mbfa, where I dial-up the intensity and really push your results to the next level — plus there’s a whole new challenge called Megan Minutes. Your goal is to do a set number of reps in 1 minute using your heavy weights. Don’t quit on me!”

Nutrition is a key part of all six weeks.

“Here’s the catch,” Megan says. “You can’t starve yourself. Building muscle and getting toned takes FUEL. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but you have to eat to lose weight. That includes healthy meals and your daily Shakeology and Beachbody Performance supplements.”

What Types of Workouts Are Included in #mbf and #mbfa?

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, focus on strength training and include asymmetrical moves where you’ll use one weight instead of two. 

Tuesday and Thursday focus on Cardio routines.

You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, and the BOD Rope, the Cordless Indoor Jump Rope. Saturday workouts also feature EMOMs (every minute on the minute) that will push you to give everything you’ve got.

And don’t worry (ladies especially!) — this isn’t about bulking up. Megan designed these workouts to get you lean and toned for your strongest body ever.

Sunday recovery workouts will stretch and revitalize your muscles so you’re rested and ready for Monday.

“Your body will need it!” says Megan.

“Progress isn’t always pretty, so get ready to be dr

enched in sweat and working hard to give me everything, every move. If at the end of three weeks you don’t feel ready to step up to #mbfa, do #mbf again all the way through, and then take on #mbfa,” she adds.

How Does Nutrition Fit Into #mbf and #mbfa?

Feeding your body well can help facilitate fat loss and improve training performance and recovery, so it’s critical to dial-in your eating habits and fuel your body in a way that supports your goals.

The Beachbody Guide to Nutrition will show you how to eat healthfully for every meal, including snacks and desserts, with delicious recipes and useful tips to stay on track throughout #mbf and #mbfa.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to healthy eating and weight loss, there are two comprehensive premium nutrition programs that work seamlessly with #mbf and #mbfa, and can help you get even better, lasting results.

2B Mindset is a positive approach to eating that lets you eat the food you love and STILL lose weight.

Ultimate Portion Fix uses color-coded portion-control containers to help you create delicious, perfectly sized meals, every time.

And, for the first time ever you’ll receive full, lifetime access to BOTH of these incredible video based nutrition courses included with your #mbf/#mbfa start up kit at no additional cost.

Are #mbf and #mbfa for me?

#mbf Muscle Burns Fat is a beginner program that features simple, easy-to-follow moves and 25- to 35-minute workouts.

You’ll have fun and work hard, with Megan and the cast giving you all the encouragement you need to get you across the finish line.

#mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced is an intermediate program with longer 25- to 40-minute workouts that build on the moves you learned in #mbf and includes Megan Minutes, which are 1-minute challenges using heavy weights and low-rep burnouts.

When Can I Start?!

  • Offers go on sale and VIP Early Access begins July 27 (Coach-Exclusive Window July 7–26).
  • #mbf and #mbfa officially launch on Beachbody On Demand late December 2020.

If you’re interested in starting your #mbf #mbfa journey, Start here by getting your own FREE account with me as your coach! 

The next step is to fill out THIS FORM so I can reach out and we can discuss options for getting you started! Let’s do this!

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