LIIFT4 Coach Test Group: RESULTS!

Steph Rogers2 years agoTransformation

I cannot believe that we’ve wrapped up our first EIGHT (8) week round of LIIFT4. This routine was exactly what my husband and I both needed during what’s been a really crazy summer.

So why did this fit the bill?

  • FOUR (4) 30-minute workouts a week–yup! just 4!
  • Simple and filling nutrition
  • Built in Cheat/Treat Day

We had exactly what we needed to relax, enjoy the summer, take day and weekend trips, and still see results. We never felt like our routine was consuming our entire day or our entire life–it just fit seamlessly into real-life, which is so important #amiright?!

This program is pretty simple in terms of WHAT we’re doing (lifting with hand weights, high intensity interval training, and core work), but the program it self is absolutely a challenge, driving you to lift heavier than ever, push yourself hard, and build confidence and strength that you didn’t even know you had in you. There is a modifier for each move (and you can even modify the modifier if you need to!), so anyone* with the drive and desire to do this program can dive in (*always consult your doctor if you have underlying medical concerns before starting any new nutrition and exercise routine).

During the 8 weeks I progressed from lifting mostly 8, and 10 lb weights to lifting mostly 10, 12, 15 and 20 lb weights (and some 25’s for lower body work). My husband stayed pretty steady with 20 and 25’s and could use some heavier ones before we start our next round.

Overall, these were our individual stats (see below for b&a photos!)

-1.2 lbs
-2.75 inches

-9.75 inches
(^Seriously, why do guys lose so much more quickly than women?!)

We’ll be kicking off another second round of this program soon, and would love to have you join us! We gained a lot of knowledge and insight into the program during the course of the Coach Test Group, that I can’t wait to share!

If you’d like to join us, APPLY HERE for a spot and I’ll contact you directly with more details, or send me an email to coachstephrogers@gmail.com if you have questions!

Top Photos: 7.15.18
Bottom Photos: 9.9.18
One Round of LIIFT4



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