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30 Day Breakaway Is Coming

Let’s get real. About the ONLY time I have a desire to run is when something is chasing me. #NoShame

But this incredible new cross-training program has me feeling all sorts of ready to get outside of my comfort zone!

Introducing: 30 Day Breakaway

For the first time ever, Beachbody is bringing you a fitness program that’s designed to be taken outside.

30 Day Breakaway is your chance to get back to the basics, cut through the everyday noise, and do what your body was born to do — run. In just 30 days, Beachbody Super Trainer and track-and-field athlete Idalis Velazquez will help you discover the joy of running, build a strong, lean physique, and use that strength and stamina to take on a different kind of goal: completing a 5K.

It’s just you and Idalis as she leads you through fast and effective resistance workouts followed by interval run training that pushes you for short bursts at a level that’s right for you, whether that’s a brisk walk, slow jog, or steady run.

You’ll have the option to choose between video or audio only workouts produced in both English and Spanish for a truly one-on-one experience.

Program Information

30-Day Breakaway is a 30 day program brining you six (6) workouts each week, ranging form 20-45 minutes each. Equipment you’ll need: a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, Beachbody Resistance Loops, a foam roller, and a good pair of running shoes!

The 30 Day Breakaway Calendar is geared toward new runners who want to get comfortable with consistent runs and eventually complete a 5K.

You’ll start with three walks or runs a week and progressively build up to five, all while lifting on certain days to help build lean muscle that will help power your runs.

You can also follow two other digital calendar options:

The Advanced Runners Calendar is for people who love to run already or want to step up their commitment by pairing runs with a lifting routine 5 days a week for all 30 days.

The Time Crunch Calendar is for people on a tight schedule. It lets you choose either a run or lifting routine for the day and finish your workout within 30 minutes.

30 Day Breakaway is for anyone who needs guidance in building a running foundation, someone who wants to run their first 5K, or experienced runners who want to improve and get the most out of their runs.

It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a running program paired with resistance training for the ultimate fat-burn. And it’s a great option if you want to get outside for a change.

Who Is Idalis?

Idalis is a NASM-certified personal trainer and creator of Beachbody’s Spanish-language program, Mes de Más. She’s been a lifelong athlete since her days in Puerto Rico, where her love of running took her to the top of her sport—she ranked nationally as a track-and-field star for 10 years.

Now with 30 Day Breakaway, Idalis is going back to her running roots to show you what’s possible when you let your body do what it was born to do. She’s running some of the most beautiful landscapes to inspire you to do the same—to go out for a run and break away from all the noise—and get naturally transformative results in just 30 days.

What Nutrition Do I Need?

For nutrition advice to help you reach your goals, the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition is a great place to start.

But to really take charge of your nutrition during 30 Day Breakaway and beyond, 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix are your go-to, long-term options.

Both nutrition programs come free when you purchase a Challenge Pack and each offers a unique approach to weight loss that lets you eat the foods you love while helping you tackle emotional roadblocks that can keep you from breakthrough results.

2B Mindset lets you eat larger volumes of the right foods to help keep you satisfied, while Ultimate Portion Fix takes the guesswork out of eating with color-coded containers that measure out perfectly portioned meals.

You’ll also get 7-day sample meal plans no matter which program you decide to follow.

When Can I Start?

Offers go on sale and VIP Early Access begins October 19, 2020 (Coach-Exclusive Window October 5 – October 18, 2020).

30 Day Breakaway officially launches on Beachbody On Demand on April 19, 2021.

If you’re interested in starting your 30 Day Breakaway journey, Start here by getting your own FREE account with me as your coach! 

The next step is to fill out THIS FORM so I can reach out and we can discuss options for getting you started!

Let’s do this!

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