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80 Day Obsession is quite literally the program that changed my life. I know–super cliche, right? BUT after doing countless programs, 80 Day Obsession was the one that made sustainable and consistence exercise and nutrition truly STICK for the first time in my personal journey.

80 Day Obsession changes lives, I’ve heard it time and time again. So whether you’ve fallen off the exercise track, need help stabilizing your nutrition, or are just looking for a fun new challenge, I believe this program might just be the one that changes your entire outlook on home workouts.


I started my journey with 80 Day Obsession in January of 2018. I had tripped and fallen flat on my face with my progress, and had managed to gain back all of the weight that I had lost in the 3 years prior.

Then, insert 80 Day Obsession. I had never committed to a program longer than 30 days prior to this one. Within those shorter programs I usually skipped a few workout days. But this time would be different. I would complete 80 Days without giving up on myself!

Also, during my 80 Day Obsession journey, our family moved from Hawaii back to the mainland. We lived in hotels for about 6 weeks, houses empty of furniture on both sides, and through it all, I managed to get in every workout, and stick to the nutrition plan. So trust me when I say, if I can do it, so can you!

My initial 80 Day Obsession Results from 2018


So many people are stuck home right now, looking for something to replace the gym, or even to start a new health routine and this is my invite to you!

I will be completing 80 Day Obsession from start to finish beginning on May 4 with a group of women who are 110% committed to giving this program their ALL.

You will get:
One (1) year of streaming access to our complete Beachbody On Demand library, including full access to 80 Day Obsession
A Set of portion fix containers
Resistance Loops and Sliders
A private community within our BOD Group App for accountability and support
30 Day supply of our nutrient dense, superfood Shake
30 Day supply of our pre and post workout supplements
A tailored meal plan that tells you what to eat and when for optimal results

So, are you ready to come get OBSESSED with us?!

Start here by getting your own FREE account with me as your coach! 

The next step is to fill out THIS FORM so I can reach out and we can discuss options for getting you started! Let’s do this!

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