Let’s Be Strong AF

Steph Rogers2 years agoTransformation

⬅️ That girl couldn’t even remember the last time she left the house and felt good. ⁣

She hid herself behind her kids for pictures. ⁣

She dressed in mostly black, flowing tops because that’s where she felt comfortable ⁣

She only wore shorts because in Hawaii it was necessary. And she bought them a size too big because she was set conscious about them squeezing her hips. ⁣

She struggled with binge eating and massive anxiety attacks. Like, wake up from a bad dream and continually going over it in her head until it felt so insanely real and she felt like she couldn’t slow her breath or stop her heart from pounding out of her chest. ⁣

➡️ This Girl almost can’t believe she’s posting a photo in a bikini, because damn it’s been a lot of work to get here. ⁣

This girl is buying bright colored clothes for the first time in years. ⁣

This girl is finding herself, her voice, and remembering that she was someone before she was an #Armywife and a #Mom, and it’s OKAY to still take time to be that person sometimes. ⁣

This girls says screw being “skinny”, let’s be STRONG AF. ⁣
This girl hasn’t had an anxiety attack in MONTHS. Not, ONE. And it feels like coming up for fresh air. ⁣

If I inspire or encourage just ONE person to take that kind of control back in their life, I’ll be ecstatic. So I’ll continue to share the journey, and be ready to support the amazing ladies who are ready to take their life back. ⁣

It’s not easy, but it’s a lot easier with someone beside you. Amazing what 15 months can do, huh ??‍♀️

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