“I believe you have Hashimoto’s Thyroid”

Steph Rogers3 years agoAutoimmune

Not really the words that I was expecting to hear from my doctor last week. But also, considering my family autoimmune history, not surprising.

I have to go for an ultrasound of my thyroid to rule out any nodules before my “official” diagnosis, but as of now my thyroid antibodies both tested as elevated which means my body is actively attacking my thyroid, and I’m to start thyroid meds daily as soon as I can get to the pharmacy to pick them up.

I’ve been struggling this last year with the number on the scale, and I’ve shared that I’m proud of myself for maintaining, but man—when you’re doing everything “right” and still not seeing results, especially in my line of work where it’s my job to be healthy and help others, it made me feel like I was losing credibility.

I’m actually incredibly happy to have an answer and be able to take control of my body and how it responds again.

This isn’t the end of the world. This is a new beginning, and my heart feels so much lighter knowing that I pushed through this last year without giving up on myself.
Even when the results lacked.

Because regardless of what my body was doing, I knew that my daily actions were beneficial to my health.

And now I can finally get my body to work in sync with me again instead of against me!

So here we go. My new life, with Hashimoto’s.

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