Embrace Her, Every Step Of The Way

Steph Rogers1 year agoUncategorized

“I wish I was one of those girls on IG who could take cute workout pictures in a sports bra”⁣


Sometimes we put so many stupid limits on ourselves because we don’t have the “perfect” body type. Well guess what, no one does. Perfect doesn’t exist. ⁣

But self-confidence? That’s something we can ALL DEVELOP. ⁣

Yah know, when I first started coaching, I would look at what the top leaders in our company did and I would try to emulate them.⁣

I mean, they were successful right? So why not just do what they do and be successful too. ⁣

Yea. That’s not how it works because guess what, by sharing stories through their veil I wasn’t being ME or sharing my journey so I was literally doing the most detrimental thing I could to my business. ⁣

Now, I’ve learned that being authentically me is the most important part of holding space as an influencer. Because really, if the people I’m talking to don’t relate to me just as I am, what good does it do?! ⁣

So yup, today I’m posting something that maybe would have made me cringe before, because this is real life. This is the process. This is hard work IN PROGRESS. And THIS is what will relate to other women out there who feel the same. ⁣There’s only one you. So EMBRACE HER. ⁣

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