What if you fly?!

9 months agoUncategorized

What if you fall? No, love, ⁣⁣WHAT IF YOU FLY?! ⁣⁣So something happened this week that I’ve been willing the Universe to allow to happen for MONTHS. ⁣⁣And then when it happened, I froze. I second guessed whether or not to do it. How would it work logistically? Etc, etc, etc. ⁣⁣I let every excuse […]

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The Title I Never Planned to Have

10 months agoUncategorized

>>INSTRUCTOR<< ⁣⁣Not planned in any way, but I’m not taking my new title lightly! ⁣⁣I did alpha round of T25 once, and I loved Shaun T’s energy, but never get “connected” to him. ⁣⁣When Transform 20 rolled out, I decided to do it because it looked fun and it was a new challenge. I got […]

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