Break The Box Already

Steph Rogers1 year agoUncategorized

This moment right here, was the first time I had worn a two piece swim suit (other than a full coverage tankini) since before my kids were born. ⁣

And also, the first time I felt confident taking photos in any kind of swim wear, especially *GASP* next to other women who are shaped differently than me ?⁣

Ya’ll I had been living in the confines of a perfectly square box that wasn’t even built by me, but by other people’s beliefs and expectations and views, for WAY TOO LONG. The dreams THEY had for me. The goals they expected me to reach. So tightly bound by “them” and society that I’d forgotten what it is that I’d dreamed for myself.

Break the mother fuckin’ box.⁣
Take the picture.⁣
Wear the suit. ⁣

You’re a diamond, and a diamond can cut through all the noise and BS and expectation and it can shine without dimming the light of any person or thing around it. ⁣

I mean really, look at those 4 girls up there.. SHINING BRIGHT AF, and together we can tackle the world. ⁣


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