Boxing has arrived on Beachbody on Demand with Super Trainer, Joel Freeman!

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Ya’ll, I’m officially halfway through my new boxing training program, and I’m digging it! ⁣

I love that it’s testing my agility, endurance, and coordination while really working on core strength and trimming my waist! ⁣I also really thought that a boxing program would be heavy on upper body work, but the trainer, Joel Freeman, has incorporated the perfect balance of upper and lower body work, and the two lifting days are scorching my muscles in all kinds of kickass ways! ⁣

Here is the down-low on this program!

  1. 30-40 minute workouts, 5 days a week (program length: 6 weeks)
  2. 3 days of shadow boxing (no bag!), and 2 days of lifting each week
  3. Guide for Nutrition included OR Upgrade to one of our comprehensive, video based nutrition courses if you need extra guidance

In 10 Rounds, Joel shows you how every single hit begins at your feet, engages through your hips, intensifies as you twist your core, and explodes in your punch!

You do not need a boxing bag! Instead, you will be doing it the way real boxers learn — shadowboxing!!

The boxing workouts are broken up into 10 rounds, 3 minutes each. You’ll focus on punching combinations and footwork that will progress over the 6 weeks.

I know I am eager to have some accountability buddies for this program! Customer Launch is currently LIVE and we’ll be starting our virtual 10 Rounds accountability group on April 13.

You interested in getting the VIP Access?! Start here by getting your own FREE account with me as your coach! 

The next step is to fill out THIS FORM so I can reach out and we can discuss options for getting you started! Let’s do this!

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