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Steph Rogers3 years agoJoin Us

100 ⁣

It’s a BIG commitment. One that until this weekend I was honestly questioning whether I could do. ⁣

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone “all in”. ⁣
My willpower doesn’t always prevail.⁣

I still have days where food rules my day and I struggle with over eating. ⁣

I have days where I question my abilities, and half ass my workout. ⁣

I have days where all I can see is the 210lb version of myself in the mirror even though she doesn’t exist anywhere other than my memories. ⁣

I have days where I question my abilities as a leader. ⁣

Real life isn’t always pretty. There are bumps on the road, potholes, and sometimes really freakin deep trenches. ⁣

Sometimes we begin to climb the hill in front of us and we fall hard and fast into the valley. ⁣

And the darkness consumes us, and we lose hope and positivity. That’s where I have been for the last few months…deep in that valley? but then the incredibly inspiring @msrachelhollis reminded me…⁣

We are NOT meant to live our life in the valley. ? ? ⁣

While darkness serves a purpose and teaches us a lesson, we are supposed to use that lesson to gain a stronger foothold on the mountain. We don’t quit climbing. ⁣

So that’s why I’m doing. ⁣

I’m committing 110% to 100 days. ⁣

No excuses, no backing down, but standing in my power like a badass and showing that this can be done. ⁣

>>Are you ready to climb that summit with us?<< ⁣

I’ll give you all the tools you need to get there, and we will take every single step of the journey side by side. We will prevail!


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