An Open Letter to Myself

Steph Rogers10 months agoUncategorized

An open letter..TO MYSELF⁣, because sometimes we need our own words to push ourselves forward.

⁣”There is a leader buried inside of you; Underneath all of the lies you tell yourself and the insecurities. She is begging to be unleashed because the potential she bears is limitless.⁣

You move forward by stepping out of the way of your success, being true to who and what you are, following what lights you up, and blazing a trail for those who come after and alongside of you.⁣

Listen to the whispers of your soul and follow the call even when (and especially when) it scares you or makes you uncomfortable.⁣

Some have gone before you. Many will come after you. But be your own pace setter and seize every opportunity to grow.⁣

Everything you need is already inside of you.”

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