Mom, Don’t Feel Guilty for Growing Yourself

Steph Rogers2 years agoJoin UsTransformation

Six years ago I was a 25 year old first time mom, who didn’t even feel comfortable enough in her skin to enjoy taking her daughter to swim lessons. ⁣

I cringed when I saw those photos of myself in the pool. Was that really what I looked like? ⁣

And ya know what I did about it. ⁣

Nothing. ⁣

I didn’t take control of my health until after Parker was born, and even then I only did it half way. ⁣

But this past year has been different. I’ve taken care if myself in consistent ways like I’ve never done before. ⁣

I feel good about heading into year 32 this month. ⁣

I feel good knowing I’m doing everything in my power to be here for them as they get older. ⁣

I feel good knowing that I’m a better mom, wife, friend, employee, and HUMAN for taking care of myself physically and mentally. ⁣

I feel good knowing that I’ve changed other lives because I chose to say yes. ⁣

Wanna learn more about what I do? ⁣Fill out THIS FORM so we can connect and see if it’s for you! You never know, it just may change your entire life too!

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